Come catch Em’ All at East Village this Weekend

Opens 6 Aug

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Posted: 03.Aug.2016 Author: Jamie Smith

As the mobile game craze sweeps the nation, East Village is helping avid Pokemon Trainers get to that next level and boost their Pokemon numbers by hosting a Pokemon Party on Saturday 6 August and Sunday 7 August. Currently fans of the game in London have to travel across the capital to capture scattered Pokemon. With East Village placing lures regularly throughout the neighbourhood this weekend, Pokemon Trainers will have a unique opportunity to get one step closer to that elusive Level 40.

To help people take advantage of the higher number of Pokemon and reach their goal of becoming Pokemon masters, East Village is placing wireless phone charging stations in a number of its retailers. Whilst refueling their phones, visitors can also refuel themselves with Pokemon-themed dishes, tucking into Abrocado on Toast at Signorelli, a Margherita Pizzachew at Firezza or getting a much needed caffeine fix from La Gelateria's Don't Get Drowzee Espresso.

Available Poke-dishes include:

Fish House

  • Tenteacool Calamari
  • Cloyster Oysters
  • Magikarp and Chips


  • Scrambled Exeggutor
  • Abrocado on Toast
  • Snorlax Tea


  • Charizard Picante Pizza
  • Tauros Pizza
  • Margherita Pizzachew

La Gelateria

  • Bedrill Gelato
  • Clefairy Cakes
  • Don't Get Drowzee Espresso


  • Honey Glazed Chicken - Farfetch'd
  • Beef and Spring Onion Dumplings - Machamp

Vistors to East Village's Pokemon Party can also take a short trip to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which is home to some of the rarest and hardest to capture Pokemon including Scyther, Charmander, Squirttle and Dratini.

The Pokemon Party will be FREE and starts at 10am on Saturday 6 August, and finishes on Sunday 7th August at 6pm.

Come catch Em’ All at East Village this Weekend
Date of event:
6.Aug.2016 - 7.Aug.2016
Location of event:
Victory Park, London

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