World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua returns to East Village

Opens 18 Jan

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Posted: 18.Jan.2018 Author: Jamie Smith

Today the triple belt holding boxing heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua, returned to East Village six years after living here during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

In 2012 Joshua arrived in East Village, the former Athletes' Village, as a relative unknown and swooped to victory and claimed the gold medal. On 18 January 2018 he returned as a household name around the world and proud holder of the WBA, IBO and IBF titles,

He arrived back in E20 to deliver an exercise class in collaboration with Our Parks, who give regular exercise classes in East Village, and was met by throngs of fans desperate to get a glimpse of their sporting hero.

After the workout the boxer known affectionately as AJ took time to get photographs with the fans and reminsced about living here during the Olympics, fondly remembering the atmosphere at the time and how much the Get Living apartments have changed.

This week AJ announced a fight with New Zealander Joseph Parker as he goes for yet another belt on his path towards unifying all five world titles.


World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua returns to East Village
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Victory Park, London

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