Welcome to Italian cheese & meat specialist Appetite London!

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Posted: 02.Aug.2017 Author: Jamie Smith

Just when you thought East Village's range of independent retailers couldn't get any better, we can now announce the arrival of a cheese and meat specialist in Appetite London!

The Italian style deli has opened its doors on West Park Walk next door to Ted's Veg, opposite Victory Park and brings with it a range of quality charcuterie and cheeses from both local suppliers and their home town of Biella, in Northern Italy.

Shoppers can even take a peek at the meat curing process through wide glass windows or watch as the masters prepare the artisanal delights to order. For those who can’t wait to try the seasonal delicacies, there will soon be a bike delivery service to cater to both local residents and office workers alike. From salads and scotch eggs to chutneys, pickles and pesto, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Appetite London. Yes you heard correctly - you will soon be able to have cheese hand delivered to your door by bike!

Alongside this, master butcher and business partner, Bartosz Frankowski, will deliver fresh cuts of meat and classic fares like black pudding and haggis. Using his decade of industry experience, Bartosz will also provide a variety of rare English meats and traditionally produced sausages and burgers, made from only the best cuts.

This is Appetite's first store, but is brought to us by brothers Cosimo and Matteo who have worked in the food industry for over a decade, and comes off the back of delivering quality food and expertly made artisan goods over the past three years.

Cosimo Miglietti, co-owner of Appetite, said: “Since we began, our aim has always been to open a shop, so when the opportunity came to apply for East Village we realised it was one we couldn't miss. It is part of a very well-developed community that offers small businesses a real chance of success.”

His fellow co-owner and brother, Matteo Miglietti, added: ‘For me, opening Appetite London in East Village was a logical and natural next step to expand our business beyond market stalls and the location allows us to become a part of a thriving neighbourhood.”

Neil Young, CEO, Get Living London said: “We are thrilled that Appetite London has chosen East Village for its newest location. At East Village, we love supporting innovative new businesses and were really impressed by the wide range of artisan food products offered by Appetite London.”

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