Jazz up your festive fir with Pimp My Tree

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Posted: 04.Dec.2015

Forget pimping your ride, because in East Village you can Pimp Your Tree!

From Wednesday 2nd December festive decoration connnoisseurs Pimp My Tree will be setting up in a pop-up space on Penny Brookes Street, East Village giving people the chance to have the coolest Christmas trees in East London.

They will be selling a selection of Norman Fir non-dropping Christmas Trees starting from just £25. You can choose your tree then jazz it up with shiny, glittery and quirky decorations ranging from the Flamingo lights to Purple LEDs and disco baubles.

Even if you're struggling for space in your home for a Christmas Tree, they have an answer. The table-top mini-tree (just £6) can be pimped up instore with fake snow and glitter before you take it home. The Pimpers at #PIMPMYTREE absolutely love pimpin up trees, so at your request they can come and decorate your trees, or you can pick one pre-decorated from instore.

Opening dates and times (starting Wednesday 2nd December):

  • Sat, Sun 10-6pm
  • Wed, Thur, Fri 5-7pm

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