Good Gym races into East Village

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Posted: 04.Oct.2014

East Village residents now have the opportunity to participate in a revolutionary new scheme, as GoodGym launches in Newham. The venture, which combines fitness with charitable giving, shot off to a great start as the first run took place on Wednesday 1st October from the London Aquatics Centre in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The scheme is the perfect opportunity for runners of all fitness levels to come together to improve their wellbeing, whilst simultaneously helping out in the community. As well as enjoying the benefits of exercising in the fresh airand the support of a qualified trainer, participants can use the runs as an opportunity to work on community projects or visit older members of the neighbourhood who may feel isolated or lonely.

The arrival of the scheme in Newham follows an extremely successful series of launches across a number of London boroughs as well asand other UK locations in the UK. Originally founded by Ivo Gormley in 2009, GoodGym was inspired by Gormley’s realisation that he could combine his weekly run with a visit to a housebound family friend.

Sponsored by Get Living London, the scheme’s ‘Do Good, Get Fit’ motto makes GoodGym the perfect fit for East Village, with the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic Games continuing to inspire residents to get involved in exercise and community initiatives.

To get involved, sign up at: http://goodgym.org/group_runs/goodgym-newham-launch

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