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Posted: 25.Jul.2019 Author: Paris Wynter

Tell us about who you are and what you do?

I'm Cisco and this is Tim, the wok chef. Tim has been working as wok chef for over eight years and makes a mean Pad Thai Prawn!


What can our residents and visitors expect from you?

Since opening last month we've had a great response from residents - it's lovely to see the same faces, sometimes two or three times in the same week! We serve crowd pleasing classic dishes from Thailand, Vietnam and China are developing weekend specials, so stay tuned! We also deliver if you fancy a night in.


What's your favourite thing on the menu?

Beef Chow Mein is my favourite and Tim makes a fantastic Pad Thai. We make all the sauces fresh onsite.


What's your favourite thing about E20?

It's such a buzzy and vibrant neighbourhood. We felt it was missing an Asian food offering so we're delighted to have added to the choice of dining options in East Village. Stratford is an exciting place to be right now, with so many new businesses, buildings and hotels opening in the area, so we can't wait to see what new visitors they will bring.


What does the future hold for Chop Shop?

We're looking at creating set menus, a masterclass programme and Sunday Feast events celebrating Asian food for all the community to get involved in.

Get To Know... Chop Shop
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