Enjoy free films in East Village!

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Posted: 18.Aug.2017 Author: Ornella Kolle

Summer in London wouldn’t be a triumph if we didn’t show films on our gigantic screen.

Whether you are into classics, Pixar or Disney, we’ve cooked up a program that will delight children and adults alike. Over the summer CBeebies and a feast of sports.

Coming up over the next week is a great range of films for all to enjoy. 


Take a step into the largest scare factory in Monster, Inc. and meet James P. Sullivan one of the top scary monsters:

Thursday 24th at 12.00pm

Sunday 27th at 12.00pm


Prepare yourself for the biggest singing competition in Sing and watch a mouse, a timid elephant, a pig, a gorilla and a porcupine rocking your world:

Thursday 24th at 3.00pm

Sunday 27th at 3.00pm


Travel to New York City to have the most important meal with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's:

Thursday 24th at 6.00pm


Get to know Riley Andersen in Inside Out and watch her going through the cycle of emotions and the bumpy roads of growing up:

Friday 25th at 12.00pm


Get an introduction to Polynesian mythology and culture and follow Moana’s seafaring adventure in the hope of saving her people:

Friday 25th at 3.00pm


No matter how often you've seen it, the friendship in Casablanca is beautiful:

Friday 25th August at 6.00pm


You will be pleased to meet Nanny McPhee and her magic screening:

Saturday 26th at 12.00pm


And finally, engage with The secret life of pets and their endearing characters:

Saturday 26th at 3.00pm


Get hooked on a mafia movie emphasizing on corruption, extortion, and racketeering in New Jersey in the 50's in On the Waterfront:

Saturday 26th at 6.00pm


Sing along to '' Let it Go'' while watching Frozen, the only ''princess' move to make the top 10 grossing animated films. 

Monday 27th at 12.00pm


Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are itching to get back into their super hero lives. Watch The Incredibles' effort to rescue the world from total destruction. 

Monday 27th 3.00pm


Lastly, the greatest comedy ever made, Some like it hot, will be showing in Victory Park.

Monday 27th at 6.00pm


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