East Village went ‘Back To The Future’ with Secret Cinema

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Posted: 14.Nov.2014

Last month, East Village sponsored Secret Cinema as it embarked on its most extraordinary and ambitious project to date: an immersive screening of the 80s classic Back To The Future. For six magical weeks, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was transformed into the 1955 Hill Valley town square, bringing to life Michael J Fox’s film with talented actors that blended into the crowds and stunning replicas from the film.

The sponsorship saw a giant billboard at the entrance to Hill Valley, that depicted the collision of past and present as East Village was turned into a 50s style complex from 1955. For anyone wanting to find out more about living in East Village, a visit to the JD Armstrong Realty Office was in order. Here, Secret Cinema goers were transported back the future to see how they could ‘Live in the home of tomorrow’ as a 1950s Estate Agents walked them through a show home.

Each night, East Village’s sponsorship was brought to life as part of the Hill Valley annual parade, in which JD Armstrong Realty had it’s own float promoting the ‘Get Living Hill Valley’ brand. There were even radio adverts, TV interviews and features in the ‘Hill Valley Telegraph’ that promoted the housing options available.

Clad in 50s gear, film fanatics flocked from far and wide to Stratford to enjoy the Secret Cinema experience and enjoy all that Hill Valley town had to offer. Whether it was scoffing a hotdog in Lou’s diner, jiving at the High School Dance, property searching at JD Armstong Realty or just enjoying the views over East Village from a seat on the Ferris wheel, Secret Cinema put on an unforgettable show.

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