East Village unveils funding for chess in schools in Newham

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Posted: 30.Dec.2014

The event was held to celebrate the launch of an Urban Chess funding initiative from London's newest neighbourhood - East Village, in partnership with the charity Chess in Schools and the Communities (CSC) and Newham Council.

The Urban Chess funding from East Village will bring chess sets and lessons to 14 Newham schools, with the aim of expanding to all 64 primary schools in the borough by 2015, so that every local child can learn how to play the world's most enduring game. As well as promoting chess in schools, the partnership will develop chess clubs and lessons in libraries, and hopes to set up a chess festival and provide giant chess sets in the borough's parks, if there is a significant take up of the scheme. The borough's first chess club will open to the community from Thursday 14 March in Stratford Library.

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