Improving East Village's Public Space

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Posted: 26.Mar.2019 Author: Paris Wynter

Victory Park Refresh

Victory Park has been temporarily closed while Team East Village has been repairing the grass to get it back looking its best for spring. We've laid new turf, replanted wildflowers and plan to re-open the park next month.

While we've been tending to Victory Park, we've also been reviewing other green areas of the village.

Our environment consultants have advised us to remove the trees along the bank by the #mye20 sign as the soil is unsuitable for them with the recommendation that we replace them with lower level bedding. The tree surgeons and gardeners will start work on this on Thursday 28 March. We will also be refreshing the planting in front of the Get Living Welcome Office.


Belvedere landscaping

As long-term guardians of East Village, Get Living is continually reviewing how residents and visitors engage with the public spaces so that E20 continues to be a great place to live and work.

Over recent years it's become apparent that the Belvedere area, located at the end of Victory Parade (opposite Fish House and Santi), is under-utilised, is difficult to access and that the mound blocks sight lines across the village. The intention is to open up the area and make it a more engaging place to walk and relax.

Once complete, the space will include a shallow reflecting pool surrounded by curved benches and trees, an adventure playground for children and an open canopy to function as a community space for gatherings and events.

We shared initial designs and thinking with residents in November and have been working with LLDC since to develop the plans.

Improvement works are being undertaken in two phases with the first phase starting this month.

The first phase - expected to start this week - will remove the mound and grass the levelled space in time for it to be used this summer.

Hoarding will go up around the site and trees will be cleared to allow for the removal of the mound with diggers coming onsite from week commencing 22 April. The mound will be replaced with flat grass which is expected to complete mid-July.

Victory Parade and pathways around the site will remain open throughout the works and retailers will operate as normal. Work will be carried out during the hours of Mon-Fri, from 8am-6pm, and while we do not anticipate working at weekends, residents will be notified if this is required. 

The second phase of works is expected to start in October 2019 to install the shallow reflecting pool, curved benches, trees, adventure playground and canopy.

We plan to open the new Belvedere ready for Spring 2020.

Boards with further images are available to view in our Get Living Welcome Office at 5 Celebration Avenue.

We are always keen to receive feedback from residents and visitors on their experience of East Village. Get in touch via: community [at] getliving.com

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