'Get a monkey off' your rent

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Posted: 13.Aug.2014

To celebrate the return of the Olympic gorilla, East Village will offer new residents ‘a monkey’ off their rent. New tenants will go wild for the chance to have £500 slashed off a month’s rent and the initiative is sure to see those hunting for flats in East London swinging on down to East Village to make it their new home.

The gorilla was a well-loved attraction during London 2012, featuring in photos with Olympians from around the globe including Tom Daley, Chris Mears and Maria Sharapova. In between training and competing, the famous athletes ‘monkeyed’ around doing dangerous photo poses with the gorilla shown on various social networks. Its return will offer Londoners the chance to come along and capture a photo with the athletes’ favourite selfie sidekick.

Anyone thinking of moving down to East Village who says ‘Monkey Off’ to Get Living London or Triathlon Homes property consultants will automatically be entered into the prize draw (terms and conditions apply) and ten lucky winners will go nuts for the prime prize. The competition is open to new applicants only, providing a fantastic initiative for new tenants to consider East Village as a great place to live.

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